This is a story about a girl dubbed Sporty who was born with bilateral clubfeet who was “made to run.” She hasn’t had an easy journey but she continues to fight and regain her “cheetah speed.”  She loves her friends, softball, soccer, the SF Giants and of course running. Her younger Star Wars obsessed brother, Young Jedi, will make cameo appearances as he acts as both her biggest cheerleader and arch nemesis, a constant battle between the light and dark sides of the force.  Young Jedi was recently diagnosed with ADHD and Inflexibility Temperament so we’re treading water with his treatments as he starts kindergarten.

As for me, the writer of the blog, I’m a recent stay-at-home mom after leaving a 15 year career in the food industry. I love coffee and wine and solo trips to Target and of course I am an advocate for Sporty and Young Jedi and their futures.

Come with us as we attempt to keep up with a girl who was “made to run.”