This is a photo I just took running to Sporty’s school, a bottle of children’s ibuprofen where my coffee normally goes. Last night I noticed her limping and running awkwardly while she was out playing with neighbors. I figured she was just fatigued after a slumber party the night before, followed by another birthday party, and then 2 hours of softball practice. Plus they did a ton of running at softball.

This morning she woke up and it was still hurting. She asked if I could call Dr Fluffy Unicorn. The only other time she asked me to call him was the morning after her tendon transfer when her pain meds weren’t working. My stomach sank. I knew that wasn’t good, she usually powers through. I dropped her at school and came home and called him. His nurse called back within 15 minutes, a huge improvement over his previous nurse whom I dealt with post-op. (Don’t get me started on him.) His new nurse is awesome. He assured me it was probably nothing major but we’re going to be conservative. No activity (yeah cause that’s going to happen), ice and ibuprophen. And he’d follow up on Wednesday (after I got a chance to check her range of motion, ice, rest and treat with pain meds)but no physical activity for now until the limp goes away. Sporty has a softball game tomorrow so I can only imagine how that’s going to go over, I negotiated with him letting her play tomorrow but having her have a runner.

I decided to drop her teacher a note letting her know about the pain and the dr request for no physical activity and to let her know if Sporty was in pain to go to the nurse and I’d bring some medicine down. (Another reason I no longer work). 15 minutes later I got a note from her teacher saying Sporty was in pain, they tried elevating it and it was too painful so she was in the nurse waiting for me to bring meds.

Fortunately the office is well acquainted with me. They were awesome when Sporty had her surgery and went above and beyond what they needed to do to accommodate Sporty, so when I walked in with medicine they were great. Sporty of course took her meds and was off to class despite me begging her to ice it.

*Heavy sigh*. Clubfoot can just go away now. We all need a nice long break from it. Please keep your fingers crossed that this is nothing and she recovers quickly.

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