This Girl!

This is not a clubfoot post but a proud mommy post. Sporty’s school does Character Traits each month and two kids from each class get recognized for exemplifying the trait for that month.  It’s kind of like the Good Citizenship Awards from when we were growing up but every month has a new theme. Sporty has never gotten one.  A few months ago she made a comment about how she wished she could get one. We talked about behavior and that you have to earn the award. That means being a good person, treating our peers with respect, taking pride in our work and focusing on doing work correctly and being a leader.

Sporty, let’s see, how should we says this, Sporty doesn’t always make the best choices. Sporty can be loud, super competitive, a micro manager and doesn’t always make the best impression. That was my nice way of saying she can be a pain in the butt and disruptive to class.

Well, this week my friends, Sporty got herself a character trait award for “Doing My Best.”

I had a meeting with her teacher yesterday to plan the end of the year class party and it was too hot (seriously in the 90s) for Sporty and Young Jedi to play on the playground so they came in and we were talking about projects and the teacher made a comment about the reason she got her award is because she works on projects by herself. We’re there to help guide her of course but she does the project and they look like a 2nd grader does them. She also struggled with reading this year but worked really hard to bring her level back up and increase her confidence in it. She may not be the smartest (and she is fairly bright) or most well behaved all of the time but she has drive and determination.

Sporty said when the principal called her name to go up and get her award, she had to do a double take and her exact words were “wait what!?!”  Then her teacher said she stood on stage with a surprised look on her face the whole time mouthing “I can’t believe it.”  Haha!

Added bonus…she gets a free kids meal at BJ’s. Guess where you’ll find us this weekend???

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