Sporty Being Sporty

Here’s Sporty being Sporty at her game Wednesday. Of course she wanted to play despite it being Open House at her school. So we played 3 innings and then bolted to school!

Sporty’s foot is feeling much better since she’s been back in the AFO. Her pain is gone and she’s running much more naturally. We have 2 more weeks until we return to Dr Fluffy Unicorn for a checkup, I assume we’ll have to get her out of the AFO eventually but I have no clue what his plan will be. I’m also nervous about her other foot. She has no flexibility in it. I swear, it’s always something. But she’s pain free and she’s not really minding her AFO. She just wants out of it because I promised her a new pair of shoes when she got out of it. Priorities!

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