Two Thumbs Up

7A5BB997-224C-4416-8584-8F4DEE445A53Yesterday we made our way up to Dr Fluffy Unicorn for a check-up since Sporty’s foot pain and return to her AFO.  Getting up there was no easy task, traffic was horrendous, think long weekend and traveling along the path of all of those Bay Area-ites heading to Tahoe for the weekend.  My GPS got us off the freeway and took us through back roads and neighborhoods for an hour, that was faster than the 15 miles on the freeway direct route.  Then we waited for an hour, then we saw him for maybe 5 minutes.

Good news is, Sporty’s feet look awesome.  I was worried about her left foot (which was operated on at 5) because it was stiff and lacked mobility but when we walked in several people commented on how she looked taller than she did 4 weeks ago so perhaps the stiffness was due to a growth spurt.  She was easily able to get stretched to neutral by the physician’s assistant  and checked out really well.  She told them her AFO hurt around her ankle (another sign of a growth spurt apparently) and again I was merely the Uber to get them there.  Sporty was a little antsy to get out of there and off to her end of the season softball party but she stuck around long enough to hear Dr Fluffy E7537F48-D146-4CF5-A32C-B1A43C42BBA3Unicorn tell her that she could stop wearing her AFO except for when she was doing risky business (ie softball, running, soccer) for now which is pretty much always so maybe we’re not free of the AFO. Overall he was really happy with the way things looked!

We didn’t make a follow-up appointment but Young Jedi is due to have his fracture checked June 12 so Dr Fluffy Unicorn said to just bring Sporty with me then and he’d look at her.

Finally a good clubfoot checkup!


Oh and here’s Sporty jumping on a trampoline maybe an hour and a half after leaving Dr Fluffy Unicorn – with NO AFO – cause apparently trampolines don’t qualify as risky!

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