About This Time 9 Years Ago…

9 years ago this month we found out via ultrasound that Sporty would be born with clubfeet. I can’t look at pictures like this, of Sporty completely in her element and not think about those tense moments 9 years ago when we found out our girl would be born “less than perfect.” I clearly remember hearing the Dr tell us she would have birth defects (a word I still have trouble accepting) that had them concerned, I remember the amino needle pulling amniotic fluid to test for other possible birth defects, I remember being told that she would barely walk let alone compete, and yet here we are, 9 years later, with Sporty thriving on whatever field she runs onto.

I’ve learned in the 9 years since her diagnosis that “perfect” has different meanings, that life hands you hardship sometimes but the most beautiful lessons lay in those hardships; that nothing can ever predict the power of the human spirit; that where there’s passion and drive, there is success; and that the most valuable lessons about heroism, bravery and persistence can be packed into 50lbs of 8 year old girl.

I look at photos like these and I can’t help but marvel at how far she’s come and how far she’ll continue to go. I look at photos like this and can’t help but feel gratitude not only for Dr Fluffy Unicorn but for Sporty’s spirit and persistence. I can’t help but feel thankful for a girl who was made to run.

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