Bucket List #3

Today’s bucket list was our favorite movie theater with the super comfy luxury loungers with extra buttery popcorn (so not part of my cleanse but oh so delicious). We saw The Incredibles 2 and well it was incredible! No seriously, it was so good, I stayed awake in the luxury recliners, the entire movie. Young Jedi didn’t have a great day, in fact, we had one of those days reminiscent of a year ago when he wanted to run away and I couldn’t do anything right or anything to calm him down, so I was exhausted but I bought the tickets over a week ago so we couldn’t skip the fun activity. Poppa Bear left for Arizona today, we move in 11 days, he went to bed at 10pm last night and was up at 6am. All of those together combined for a super hard day, but I stayed awake for the entire movie so I definitely recommend it. It was so well done, Jack Jack was super cute, and they nailed the feelings of a stay at home parent! Two thumbs up from me, Sporty and Young Jedi on it!

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