Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder if I am totally screwing up as a mom. When the kids bark at me to get them something, when they snap an order at me. I don’t ever jump, rather I correct the behavior but it becomes an endless battle that usually results in some sort of snotty attitude from Sporty or a tantrum from Young Jedi. And just when I think I’ve totally screwed them up and I wonder what happened to the kids that used to say please and thank you for everything or in Sporty’s case “No thank you please,” I receive this,

You see, I had to be up at 4:45, that’s in the am folks, Saturday and Sunday to get Sporty to her softball games. Papa Bear doesn’t move so fast and we weren’t waking the bear aka Young Jedi, so it defaulted to me. As she snapped at me throughout the day and gave me attitude, I wondered why I woke up early and skipped my spin classes, she presented me with the above letter. I took a big sigh and realized, maybe I’m not screwing up so badly after all but we still need to work on her spelling!

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