4th In the Books

Well I’m exhausted and hangry after 5+ hours at the hospital but I want to document this before my exhaustion erases the day. Sporty is in and out of her guided growth surgery and while she’s a little loopy, she’s upstairs playing Roblox or Minecraft or Among Us. Who knows! All I know is the surgery went great and I do have to give Phoenix Children’s a huge shoutout. This was our second surgery there in 2 months and they are outstanding! The nurses, the process, everything, just a great experience for both kids in two different departments.

We got there and checked in and Sporty was barely in her super fashionable robe (she legit hates the paper shorts and robes) and they were ready to take her in an hour early. Good thing I cut off that third apple juice this morning as we were leaving for the hospital. 😅. She did great, they put an IV in her right away before any meds and she had little to no anxiety about today. They didn’t give her anything until they were about to wheel her back. The procedure lasted about an hour and then they brought me back to meet with the doctor while they got her settled in recovery. He was very happy with how things went! He felt like we were going to have success with this choice and didn’t even feel like lengthening the Achilles would have helped as her talus bone is raised and that is restricting her movement and not her Achilles. Can we get a “what what” for mommy gut!?! So the screws are in there, he felt screws would give a lower profile and make her more comfortable with shoes and such (and doesn’t change the outcome) and then we don’t have to rush to take them out because they won’t be bothering her. We can get 2-15 degrees, hoping for closer the 15 degrees and 2 would not be enough to call it successful. We should start seeing results in 9 months.

She was in a bit of pain coming out of anesthesia so we did have to give some morphine but when it was time to go, she was already starting to use her feet and put some weight on them. And of course making a TikTok in the lobby while we waited for a prescription

We got home and it was game over, she was up and walking. I’m supposed to keep her out of sports for 2 weeks, any guesses on how long until she goes back? My bet is she’s chomping at the bit to get back Monday! Especially because they got new uniforms and she’ll want to be wearing them!

Fingers crossed for good results and quick healing!

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