World Clubfoot Day 2021

* I do not own the rights to the music *

Wow, so much has happened since last World Clubfoot Day. In the midst of this pandemic, clubfeet don’t wait for pandemics to subside, clubfeet do what clubfeet want. A year ago surgery wasn’t even on our radar and now she’s 6 weeks post-op and 100% back to her normal, active self and no one knows she has 2 screws in her ankles. Oh and through all of this, she managed to get straight As both semesters this year.

Of course Sporty wanted me to do another video, she has become so fond of these videos, she even had me send her it early so she could show some teachers before school let out. This year, the song choice was a no brainer. It’s all about the climb. She’s had a rough year, her team that she had been on and adored broke up, then she made an older team and was competing athletically but the girls were horrible to her so we recently left and after 3 weeks of trying out, she finally went to a team and from the moment she walked on the field I could tell it was her home. She instantly looked relaxed and comfortable and the entire team has been so welcoming. Through it all she has continued to train her little butt off. It’s all about the climb!

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