That One Time…

IMG_0463Well this blog wouldn’t be all that it’s destined to be if I didn’t dedicate a post to that time I had two kids in full leg casts for a month.  Yeah, it was awesomely good times…said no mother EVER!

Let’s see, I think Sporty was probably like 10 days post-op and she was in a non-weight baring cast when our Young Jedi went to a party at one of those trampoline parks.  You know, the ones that Dr Fluffy Unicorn has urged me to stay away from for oh 8 years!!  I was catching up with a friend when the birthday girl’s dad came running to me to tell me the Young Jedi had gotten hurt.  I ran out to him, scooped him up, he was crying hysterically (which isn’t uncommon for him).  I brought him to the side and tried to calm him with an Icee, thinking he was faking (hi, mom of the year here, nice to meet you).  He wouldn’t stand on it, so I carried all 48lbs of him out of the trampoline place, to the car, inside the house and up to his room for a nap.  He napped for 2 hours, still wouldn’t stand on it and when he woke me up at 2am to say his leg still hurt, I went online to make an appointment with his pediatrician, thinking it was a sprain.

Flash forward to 10:45 Monday morning and the Dr comes in to exam him.  Young Jedi repeatedly points to his knee as the source of pain.  The Dr doesn’t see any indication of a break or significant injury but as a precaution he sends us down for x-rays.  We come back up to the pediatrician to wait for x-ray results.  The pediatrician sees the x-rays and doesn’t see a glaring break (it’s like 12:45 by now) so he ace bandages Young Jedi’s knee and sends us home to wait for radiology to read the x-rays.  We’re halfway free and I hear “Mrs. Z can you and Young Jedi come back to the exam room, I need to speak with you regarding the x-ray.”  Son of a….I knew then and there it was broken.  Of course it was…

Young Jedi received a buckle fracture.  The best I could understand the story from him (since I wasn’t watching, cause you know, I’m mom of the year since I thought he was faking and an icee would fix his broken bone!) is he was jumping on a trampoline square, an adult came and jumped on the same square, making he jump higher than he should have and when he landed his bone buckled and fractured, right at the top of the tibia.

So the Dr wanted to give him a soft cast until we could get into an orthopedic surgeon.  (Good thing I know a good one!)  Yeah, that went over just about as well as you could have expected after being at the Dr for 2 1/2 hours during lunch and nap and oh did I mention we were pressing the clock at 1:15 to go get Sporty by 2:00???  So I really needed Young Jedi to cooperate.  Haha, he never cooperates.  One pediatrician, me and 2 nurses later we had Young Jedi pinned down enough to get a temporary cast on him.  I’m shocked that they’ve let us back into the office after the fit he pitched.  Then they wanted me to see their practice’s orthopedic surgeon, whom I sure is fantastic but I wanted to go to Dr Fluffy Unicorn so there was a lot of guilt from the Dr going on especially after I called Dr Fluffy Unicorn’s appointment line and they wouldn’t get him in until Friday!  The fact that I started laughing hysterically when they told me his leg was fractured probably didn’t increase their confidence that I was a capable mother and had the ability to get him to an orthopedic surgeon.

I carried him out of there sobbing (both of us), we got Sporty and then I did something I’ve never done.  I called in a favor at Dr Fluffy Unicorn’s office.  It went something like this:

Guy Answers Phone: “Dr Fluffy Unicorn’s office”

Me: “Hi, this is Mrs Z, is Office Assistant there?”

Guy: Please hold.

Office Assistant come on,

“HI!  Is Sporty ok?”

Me: “She’s fine but it’s Young Jedi.”

Office Assistant: “Oh did he finally break something?”

Me: “Yes, only took 5 years but he has a buckle fracture on his right tibia, I have the x-rays, can Dr Fluffy Unicorn see him to cast him and look at the fracture.”

Office Assistant: “Come in tomorrow at 10:00.”

Seriously!?!  Why can’t everything be that easy.

We go in Tuesday at 10am to see the Physician’s Assistant (Dr Fluffy Unicorn was in surgery), she’s awesome and has been a part of Sporty’s treatment from almost the beginning, so I was comfortable with her treating him.  She looks at the x-ray, takes a picture and texts it to Dr Fluffy Unicorn and all she says is “Sporty’s brother.”

He texts back and says “Tell Mrs Z I am sorry.” Followed by laughing emojis, knowing it meant a full leg cast.

Young Jedi actually took it pretty well, no tears, picked bright yellow to match Sporty’s full leg cast and fully milked his inability to be mobile.  Good thing I didn’t sell my UppaBaby stroller as I now had 100lbs of kid in full-leg casts.

Let me tell you, bath times were no easy task, oh and have I mentioned this is the year mother nature decided it was a fine time to take California OUT of our 5 year long drought!?!  We were quite the lovely site getting to school covered in trash bags during the rain storms.  I’ll get to the stares, stares deserve a post of their own.

So for the bulk of December and into January we were a two cast family.  Both kids celebrated their actual birthdays in casts and our saving grace was they were able to align the week that both casts came off so we got a BOGO on that visit.

So that’s the time that I had two kids in full length casts, because you can’t make that sort of thing up!

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