I’m trying to teach Sporty to listen to her body. To know her limits. When we found out about her clubfeet we vowed to never let it be an excuse for her so it never has been. But with surgery there comes recovery and with that limitations.

I told Sporty what Dr Fluffy Unicorn suggested to help ease her foot pain. I told her he didn’t want her playing but ultimately it’s her body, she knows how she feels and that I trusted her to make the right decision for herself. She chose to play. Because she’s a baller. Because she wants to get a college scholarship to play ball. Because she didn’t want to let her team down.

She started asking for a pinch runner in the 3rd inning. I knew she was hurting because, well Sporty is made to run so to ask for someone else to run means she’s hurting bad. When we got home she could barely walk.

“Mom, I made the wrong choice, I shouldn’t have run. I just didn’t want to let my team down.”

I get it Sporty. We talked about it being ok to sit a game out. Buster Posey sat out 10 days after taking a pitch to his head. He’s her favorite. He didn’t want to let his team down, I’m sure, but he’s no good to the Giants injured. It’s better to miss one game and heal than miss multiple. The Warriors head coach is sitting out because he’s hurt and they’re in the playoffs. Our bodies need to recover. Sporty, I want you to know your body and listen to it. This is something we’re going to deal with our whole life, I want you to learn how to manage it.

“Ok mom, next time I’ll make a better choice.”

Lesson learned. I don’t want her feet to define her. I also don’t want her in pain her whole life. I want her to live a long, active life without clubfeet defining or ruling it. Somewhere that fine line exists. Together we need to find it.

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