Best Case Scenario

Well after speaking with Dr Fluffy Unicorn’s nurse yesterday we decided that Sporty should be seen asap especially since Dr Fluffy Unicorn will be out next week. Sporty has been in so much pain, we all had an “I hate clubfoot” screamfest last night. We even skipped softball practice yesterday without much argument. The main concern was that her tendon detached from the foot and that was the cause of pain.

I hate feet. I’m just going to put that out there. I find it very ironic and cruel that I got a foot birth defect in my life because feet gross me out. I hate them. But last night I decided to put my big girl pants on and feel around her foot where it was hurting and on the bottom where her tendon was anchored I felt a little knot. And well that was it for me!  I went running.

I’ve been sick to my stomach all day with the thought of her tendon being detached from her foot. We always knew it was a risk but never so soon after surgery. I always thought she’d pop it sliding into a base or something super bad a$$ like that.

The drive up was a LONG drive (especially since Young Jedi was in rare form and we were all tense). It was an even longer wait in the waiting room. On the plus side, I unloaded a bunch of books and coloring books on them for the waiting room so my house is now down a couple dozen books.

Dr Fluffy Unicorn (I might need to start abbreviating this!) came in and Sporty ran the show. My foot hurts here, here and here and when I do this, this and this. It was unreal. I wish I had recorded it. I barely spoke the entire appointment. I was merely an observer. Sporty kept asking why it hurt, what was the cause and based on the exam it seems she’s just not recovering as quickly as we expected. The knot that sent me running – a dissolving stitch that still hasn’t dissolved 5 months later. So now I get to give her daily massages to try to break it down (have I mentioned that I hate feet and they gross me out???). During their conversation Sporty was presented with 3 options to help with recovery: sit around and do nothing (which even he knew would never happen) 2. Have a cast to rest her foot 3. Go back into her AFO while she healed. Nothing sounded appealing to Sporty but when forced to chose between a cast and AFO, AFO won. Good thing she didn’t throw it away a month ago after her last appointment. Overall he was quite happy with the way her foot looked, position and flexibility.

We also got to present Dr Fluffy Unicorn with a book by a fellow clubfoot mom with a special message to other families by Sporty. Dr Fluffy Unicorn loved it!  And I realized this is the first time I’ve ever gotten a picture of Sporty with Dr Fluffy Unicorn!

So we’re back to him in a month. But considering what my deepest fears were, we really ended up with the best cast scenario. Tomorrow, Sporty and I are off to softball with AFO in hand and hoping that we can squeeze her cleats on over it!

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3 Responses to Best Case Scenario

  1. cmcarpen says:

    If you abbreviated Dr. Fluffy Unicorn’s name, would it be Dr. FU? Lol Glad Sporty’s knot was a best case scenario! Sorry you have to be a foot massager. Maybe you can pay Young Jedi to do it?


    • azimmerman5673 says:

      Haha! Which is why I haven’t abbreviated yet. I’m thinking Dr Uni! Young Jedi already gets paid 5 quarters to nap so I know he can be bought! 🤣


  2. Jen says:

    I immediately thought the same… Dr. FU would not be apporrioriwte. 😜 And considering he’s been such an amazing doctor…really NOT fitting. Now, Dr. Uni? Also not the best. I immediately think uniball. Hahaha. Maybe I have the problem. 😳 How about Dr. Funi? (But now, we lose the whole meaning… waaaaah…😩). I’m gonna stick with, you just have to create a “shortcut” when you type so that it will auto spell to Dr. Fluffy Unicorn. Lol ;). Glad to hear she’s doing just fine! 🙂


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