Kind of a BOGO



I had to capture my negotiation to get him on the x-ray table


So there’s the fracture, I actually think this was when his cast came off.  I’ve tried to repress all memories of when I had two kids in full leg casts


The fact that the two darker lines run parallel, tells them that his legs are growing symmetrically so the growth plate is a-ok

This week we headed up to Dr Fluffy Unicorn but this time it was for Young Jedi and not Sporty.  I know, right!?!  We have to keep you all on your toes.  Remember that time when Young Jedi fractured his leg 10 days after Sporty had surgery and they were BOTH in full leg casts, during our rainiest winter in like 10 years!?!  Well if not you can read about it here and if you do remember, you should just read about it again because one really can’t make this stuff up:




Now that you’ve had a good laugh, the story continues.  Well when we went to get him officially casted by the orthopedic physicians assistant, she mentioned that based on the x-rays his pediatrician took, they couldn’t tell if the fracture impacted his growth spurt, I immediately went to leg length differences, surgery and since we were just barely pain free from Sporty’s surgery I couldn’t even process another surgery let alone on the kid who gets a paper cut and acts like the world is coming to an end.  (Seriously, he tripped on the sidewalk this week and skinned his arm and for 3 hours he asked why (in the whiniest voice imaginable) they had to make sidewalks so hard!?!  Again, can’t make this stuff up!).

Anyhoo, they wanted to check him 6 months after his injury date so that led us to our appointment this week.  Getting him to take x-rays again was a negotiation that cost them 2 lollipops and me a nap for the day along with some Otter Pops and other promises.  (He seriously better be rich when he’s older so he can buy me a nice Hawaiian condo where I can finally recuperate from all of the grey hairs and sleepless nights that he gives me.)

So after waiting 45 minutes (insert more whining from Young Jedi), we got our 3 minutes with Dr Fluffy Unicorn (don’t get me started on that!  Even his nurse missed the check-up, it was so short!) where we learned that his growth plate was NOT impacted by the fracture.  Can I get a hallelujah!?!  Seriously, we needed that small miracle.

And the BOGO part, well we never made a follow-up for Sporty when we were there a week and a half ago.  She REALLY wanted out of her AFO for her softball tournaments.  Unfortunately, that request got denied.  Even she couldn’t sweet talk him into changing his mind on that one.  He said he wants her to remain in her AFO through the end of her softball season.  BUT soccer season, she can stop wearing her AFO when that starts the end of July/ beginning of August.  She’s pretty much out of her AFO (not by my approval) except for softball and for the most part has remained pain-free.  Next check-up, mid-September!  She’ll be well into her 3rd grade year by then!  Crazy!

As for Young Jedi, he is officially released from Dr Fluffy Unicorn barring any future breaks!


He doesn’t quite appreciate the Dr Fluffy Unicorn pictures the way Sporty does

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