First Tourney Jitters

Well Sporty and her teammates had their first tournament this weekend and there were definitely some jitters, ok a lot of jitters, especially for Sporty.  I could just feel her nervous energy starting the day before and she didn’t settle down until after the first game.

The girls lost their first game 0-19!  They played some seriously good teams, the pitchers pitched so fast the girls couldn’t even decide to swing before the ball was in the catcher’s glove and the girls on the other teams were big, like I don’t know what they are feeding them in some of these cities but we need to get some of that out here.  And it was seriously hot, we’ve had record breaking heat out here and the girls played 3 games on Saturday on turf fields.  You could just feel the heat radiating off of them.  It was disgusting, I’m not a fan of turf especially since Young Jedi brought a bunch of the beads home with him.  Poor Sporty was so uncomfortable in her AFO on the field in her second game that she asked to be pulled mid- inning and had to take off her AFO.  It was just that hot!  She was so concerned about what Dr Fluffy Unicorn would say!  Sunday’s game was even hotter so I didn’t even have her try to put it on.  I’m like “don’t worry about Dr Fluffy Unicorn, I’ll take the heat!”  But seriously, she was miserable and it was turf so there wasn’t a chance of her rolling her ankle in a divot or uneven ground so I made the executive decision.

Overall Sporty had fun, I don’t think she quite fathomed the concept of 3 games in one day (with heat close to 100 degrees) when we told her about it.  Her first game was at 8am, then a 12:30 game, followed by a 4pm game.  So it was a LONG, HOT day!  It was definitely a learning experience for the girls but they had fun.  Sporty somehow sweet talked her dad into agreeing to buy her a new softball bat that is shorter and lighter than the one she currently has.  We need all of the bat speed that we can get!

The girls lost their first game 0-19, won their second game 8-7, and lost their third game 0-14 to put them on in the 12th seed (I think out of 16 teams).  They lost the first round in the Championships on Sunday in extra innings, it was heart breaking.  They were so close to advancing.

In other news, I overcame my fear of port-a-potties as that was my only option for 10 hours. Remember how I said it was close to 100 degrees???  Yeah, now that’s love!


Sporty getting ready to bat


After the last game of the tournament, still all smiles


Sporty making her pitching debut, lets just say we have lot of work to do, I think she threw one strike in the inning that she pitched.  But she loves it and wants more so we’ll have to get her some lessons or practice


Hoping for a hit!


Calling out the play at first base


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