Better Late than Never

So this is an ode to World Clubfoot day which was some 18 days ago BUT it is summer vacation and I am tasked with keeping Sporty and Young Jedi entertained and since they are high maintenance, that’s no easy task.

So every year, people gather in Iowa at the University of Iowa where Dr Ponseti practiced and created the Ponseti method for treatment.  We’ve yet to make it out, mostly because Sporty always has some sort of sport going on so it’s hard for us to get away but several of the families I’ve “met” along the way attend and they have a clubfoot race.  This year Freddie Sanchez was there.  Freddie Sanchez was a SF Giant and he was born with clubfoot.  He was on the Giants in 2010 when they won the World Series AND when Sporty was in the depth of treatment.  It was super inspiring to watch him on the field and know that Sporty could live a long life.

One of the friends that I’ve met has a daughter that’s a couple of weeks younger than Sporty who has bilateral clubfoot, a daughter Young Jedi’s age who doesn’t have clubfoot and little boy who has unilateral clubfoot so they attended.  She knows Sporty is a huge Giants fan and when she met Freddie Sanchez, she recorded a message from him to Sporty (which Facebook won’t let me download).  She also gathered some goodies for Sporty, including a signed ball and picture by Freddie Sanchez.  I’m not sure who was more excited, Sporty or Hubs.


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