If You Give A Sporty a New Bat

If you give a Sporty a new bat, she will approach the plate with a new level of confidence, pride, and determination.

After Sporty’s first tournament and after seeing how fast some of her opponents can pitch, Hubs finally agreed with Sporty and myself that she needed a new lighter bat to help with her bat speed.  I looked at our local places – Dick’s, Big 5 but since it’s not softball season, inventory was super low.  We heard about this place called West Coast Sports about 20 miles away that is a huge warehouse full of softball and baseball gear.  So we made



812D866E-4DA0-4572-B460-0B5DC9B3B9F1the trek out to this place and it was HOLY softball and baseball gear, I’m talking 2 stories of stuff.  Sporty scored herself a sweet Louisville Slugger TPS 12.5oz bat (her current bat is at 16oz!), Young Jedi got himself an awesome gear backpack since we’ve been kicking it old school with the stick bags and I got myself a new softball glove since I’ve been using my >20 year old softball glove from high school!  We got all of our stuff for a fraction of normal retail!




Sporty is so proud of her new bat and has been showing everyone that she can her recent acquisition.

So if you give a Sporty a new bat, she can conquer the world!

Here’s a video of Sporty testing her new bat at the pitching machine!

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