Like Boss’

Sporty and I got new hats. I saw a lady wearing a super cute trucker hat that said “Soccer Mom” this week while on vacation so I just needed to have a “Softball Mom” hat for our endless hours spent on the softball fields. After some debate with hubs about whether asking random lady about her hat was creepy or not and some liquid courage, I finally asked where she got it. Turns out, they’re from a company called Mother Trucker.  So while still at dinner I started surfing for my perfect hat, and while I was surfing for “Softball Mom,” I came across “#girlstrong,” and, well, it screamed Sporty.  Seriously, cutest hats, I may need to add “Soccer Mom” to my wardrobe for Sporty’s upcoming soccer season and of course “Baseball Mom” for Young Jedi’s adventures on the baseball diamond. And maybe I can convince them to make a #madetorun hat!!!  So here we are sporting (get it!?!) our new hats. They came just in time for Sporty’s third tournament. More on that later!

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