Today I am thankful.

Today I am thankful that a year ago we were about a week out from Sporty’s tendon transfer and here we are with two magical feet. Feet that recovered from major surgery quickly enough to allow her to play competitive softball over the summer and feet that allowed her to participate in this year’s All Star Game for soccer. Every year I marvel at her will to keep on running despite set backs and every year I am thankful for Dr Fluffy Unicorn who has given Sporty the best chance at an active life.

I’m thankful for Young Jedi who has struggled for so long. Who was frustrated and down on himself. I’m thankful for a doctor who has helped bring our boy back. Young Jedi has gone from erratic and explosive to sweet and inquisitive and eager to learn all in the past month. A boy who hated learning so intensely has created a desk from himself out of a Lego table and he wakes up each morning eager to write and color and learn as much as he can. 4 months ago I didn’t think we’d be here. I’m thankful for his amazing teacher and school staff who support him and us and challenge and encourage him to be the best version of himself. I’m thankful to see his smile and hear his big belly laughs again. (I’ll be even more thankful when he sleeps through the night!)

I’m thankful for these two and those rare moments where they love each other and are best friends. I’m thankful they realize the support they can give each other which will become increasingly important as we embark on our new adventure in a new city (more on that at another time!). I am thankful for a hard working husband that allows me to stay home and manage the house, advocate for our children and invest in myself.

I am thankful for these ladies. My village. There aren’t enough words to express how lucky I am to have a bunch of real, down to earth, supportive, strong women in my life. My life is truly better because of them.

I am thankful for the 40 minutes I had while my apple pie baked to sit down and blog! Happy Thanksgiving!

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