Things Are A Changing

It seems like life has shifted off of its axis lately. So much has been going on, I barely have time to sit down or clean let alone type up a blog post but we’re en route from a week at Disneyland (and life is so chaotic that this was written 2 weeks ago and just now published!) and heading home to get back into our routine. Sigh. It’s going to be a whole different routine going forward.

I mentioned a whole lot is changing, well that whole lot is a move to the Phoenix area. Papa Bear accepted a new job in Phoenix which will have him starting in January. Sporty, Young Jedi and I will stay back and finish out the school year and then we’ll move this summer when it’s a nice 120 in Arizona. Let’s hear it for corporate movers!

Young Jedi has been struggling lately. He was diagnosed about a month ago with anxiety and PTSD. We’ve had an unfortunate situation in our neighborhood with a mentally ill neighbor whom has created some severe anxiety in Young Jedi. It also brought about some PTSD from 3 years ago when there was an attempted home invasion on our house. We’ve had lots of sleepless nights. I haven’t had a solid night sleep in months and with Papa Bear heading to Arizona during the week soon, I’m afraid I don’t have much sleep in my future. It’s been a really awful time in our family. Watching your child tormented with severe anxiety is one of the most awful things in the world. There was a point where he was afraid to leave the house.

We decided on a Disney trip as our last hurrah before life as we know it changes. What a trip it was. First, this was our first stroller free trip! Seriously amazing! Both kids rallied and walked the whole day. Not a peep from Sporty on sore feet either, my dogs were seriously barking at the end of each day! Second, both kids are finally tall enough for all rides (except for California Screamin’ which Young Jedi was an inch too short for, that was a slight meltdown but we got over it quickly). We did all of the crazy rides, Guardians of the Galaxy, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, these kids love roller coasters and the faster the better! Young Jedi even rode Big Thunder with his hands in the air! Third, Young Jedi realized his lifelong dream and became a student in Jedi Training Academy. And he was awesome. He battled Kylo Ren and was amazing up there! Finally, we saw his anxiety melt away. He’s a kid that lives in a Star Wars fantasy and at Disneyland it all came to real life for him (except the time that we walked out of meeting Kylo Ren and we saw Kylo Ren out in the park battling some other young Jedis. Can we say Disney fail!?! I had to think quick on that one 😬). But overall it was a fantastic trip full of fun, leaving our anxiety behind us, and he did an amazing job dealing with the crowds and commotion despite his Sensory Processing issues.

Sporty is still killing it. We’re taking a break from sports right now until softball starts up. We’ve hit the batting cages a few times over the past month. She tried out to play 10U recreation softball this year and did really well. She was scored in the top 30 out of over 100 girls but because of their strict guidelines for playing up, I’m not sure she’ll get drafted which is a bummer but we’re so proud of her. She’ll play for her summer coach if she doesn’t make the draft which will be great also. Now I have the job of finding her some softball and soccer teams in Arizona. She’s most upset about the move since she’s older and has a pretty strong friend base but I know she’ll come home with 20 new friends her first week of school.

So much going on, hoping to do a better job in posting as 2018 progresses!

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