The Journey Began 9 Years Ago Today

Sporty turned 9 on the 12th. Missed a birthday post in the midst of our chaos but I did write her a birthday letter in a journal we keep together. But 9 years ago today, Sporty started her casting process to correct her clubfeet, the process that would turn her into the Girl who was made to run. I always like sharing pictures of her feet pre-treatment to her so she knows how far she’s come. I marvel at the skills of Dr Fluffy Unicorn (look he has his own emoji-🦄!!!)that he was able to manipulate those tiny twisted feet into athletic masters made to run. Obviously Sporty has no recollection of her feet and all of that seems like a bad dream many years ago but I like her to see she overcame all of that to be who she is. And I think in many ways, her struggles have made her the kind, accepting, caring girl that she is today.

So 9 years ago today is when the magic all started.

Sporty’s feet pre-treatmentSporty’s feet in her first set of casts. And she’s crying cause she was hungry. She was so incredibly little!

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