Good bye House on Old Westbury Way

Today is packing day and tomorrow is moving day, or at least that’s the plan. We got a call at 6pm last night that they didn’t have packers, luckily I was trying to finish off some wine with neighbors so I took the news much better than I probably should have. After some conversations today, with the company, Poppa Bear’s company and the owner of the moving company, the packers arrived at 12:15. But now there’s no truck to move our stuff available tomorrow, even though our corporate move has been planed for well over a month, so not sure when or how it’s arriving in Arizona. Stressful much!

But goodbye house on Old Westbury Way. House full of 11 1/2 years of memories. Our first house, our house that we came home to as newlyweds. Our house that for many years we could barely afford but we made it happen. A house where our family was established. It’s seen job changes, promotions, and me leaving work to stay home as a full time mom. Our house where we learned about Sporty’s clubfeet and cried for a weekend on the couch. A house that both babies were brought home to. A house where there were first steps, first words and pretty much firsts of everything. A house where we said goodbye to our first furry four legged kid and welcomed our Wookie boy. A house full of school projects, birthday parties and friends making slime in the kitchen. A house where there are probably fossilized Nerf bullets behind furniture and in window sills. A house that has taken the brunt of Young Jedi’s lightsaber practice more than once. A house full of tears and a house full of laughter. A house that’s not just a house but has been a home in a neighbor with not just neighbors but neighbors that are like family, a village. Our village that has kept me afloat for the past 6 months. The village that I dread saying goodbye to even more than I dread saying goodbye to our house and all of the memories that we leave behind.

Goodbye house on Old Westbury, you will always hold a huge space in my heart.

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