Call Me Cray

But I love a good monsoon. Obviously I don’t like the damage and destruction they can cause but I love the cooler temperatures that they bring and they seem to “reset” the desert. I love watching the lightening light up the sky and since they’ve been pretty common since we got here, I’ve learned to appreciate them. They usually also keep the wildlife at bay though this morning Wookie and I had a coyote encounter on the way home from our bus drop off.

Wookie and monsoons…not a fan! This was last weeks big storm when Poppa Bear had to take him for a walk and a huge boom of thunder hit while he was on his walk. We need to get him some Pet Ease or something to help his anxiety with the storms.

Last night we had another pretty big storm. Lots of damage that is no good (and the phones at the school have been out all day) but during the storm the temperature dropped from 98 to 68 degrees and it was soooo refreshing. So after I put the kids to bed, I grabbed some wine and sat on our (covered) front porch and enjoyed the sound of the rain and thunder and the cooler temperatures.

A neighbor texted to make sure we were home safe and pretty soon she and her husband were over and we were drinking wine and getting to know each other better. We used to do “court wine” in our neighborhood in California and that’s how all of the moms really got to know one another and our evening last night brought me back to those days and made me feel a little less homesick.

Nothing like a good storm, wine and good people to make an evening!

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