Goodbye Summer

Vacation that is because it seems like the heat is here to stay for a while. Maybe forever which makes me want to cry. I made my way down to the shopping area today and walked in and out of Lululemon because it was too hot to try clothes on, and I have a gift card burning a hole in my pocket AND drum roll please….I was ALONE because today I sent Sporty and Young Jedi off to school for their first days of 4th and 1st grade.

The bus rolled up around 8:15 but our morning started much earlier because there were lots of nerves. Young Jedi was up and dressed by 6:30 🙄 and Sporty was up and dressed by 7:00. Now before you think, well they must want to wear their super cute new back to school outfits…nope, they wear uniforms to school this year. They were ready to leave the house at 7:45 and I could only stall them until 7:55 so off we went to the bus stop, where we stood for 20 minutes, it was already 90 out so we also sweated.

There were lots of nerves, new school, riding the bus, no parents beyond the gates but they walked to the bus and climbed up while Momma Bear choked back tears. The coddling mom in me wanted to be at the school and reassure Young Jedi and talk to his teacher but I know deep down this is probably really good for both Young Jedi and I! I need to teach him more independence and I think if he can do this, it will help his confidence. Meanwhile, I did a 6+ mile run (on the air conditioned treadmill) with no interruptions, other than the dog barking for 20 minutes because the very ferocious inflatable unicorn was in the pool and looked very threatening to his 11lb self. Then I went shopping by MYSELF! And now I’m sitting and counting down the minutes until the bus arrives back to the neighborhood, hopefully with my children on it!

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