Road Warriors

We just returned from our first trip to see Dr Fluffy Unicorn since our move to Arizona. As we were sitting at the airport, I wondered if the trip was worth it. Did we really need to be going through the travel hassle? The overstimulation of going back “home?” I mean it’s a great excuse to go back and maintain our friendships but is it necessary?

The answer is an undeniable YES! Besides the warm welcome that we got from the entire staff. Including laughing over the time they put a full leg cast on each kid, it was clear that Dr Fluffy Unicorn is the dr for Sporty. From the first words out Dr Fluffy Unicorn’s mouth telling her about how he was just telling a new patient about her and her success to Sporty telling him about her new softball team and new school and life in Arizona, I knew these trips were necessary. But then when I asked about a new custom brace and watched them leaning over the computer together and reading all of the funny names of the different braces and what they are each for, it was beyond clear that we’ll be flying back to see Dr Fluffy Unicorn for as long as he’ll allow us!

So Sporty is doing well. Her feet are super tight. From her Achilles all the way up to her hamstrings she’s tiiiight! But when she walks, she walks normal so we’re in watch mode. No toe walking and normal wear on her shoes. He thinks she’ll get past this phase ok based on other cases where patients have tightened up at around 10 and then once growth levels out they are ok. We got a prescription for a custom night DAFO and we go back in 6 months (I specifically requested July to escape the scorching heat, cause you know, it’s all about me).

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