It’s a Process

Apparently getting a custom DAFO is going to be a bit of a process. Thursday I made the trek to a new orthotics place that I thought was in South Scottsdale but as google maps took me off the freeway and through Native American land that was all farms, I quickly did a yelp search of the place to learn that it was in chandler which was an additional 15 minutes from where we were. Oy.

We finally made it and I was impressed with the place. The guy said he’s done a lot of Clubfoot DAFOs so he felt confident getting her what she needed. He also examined her feet and had the same comments that Dr Fluffy Unicorn had. Because of glorious insurance (note the sarcasm) we require preauthorization and couldn’t mold her for the DAFOs until we got that. Buuuut Sporty got to design her braces, it’s the first time she’s ever gotten to pick out patterns so she was super excited. It’s going to be a real gem, let me tell you!

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