Giving Back

I’m super excited to write this post! A few months ago, I volunteered Sporty and I to help the Clubfoot C.A.R.E.S organization and we got picked to put together packages for families that are welcoming their new Clubfoot warrior. The packages are full of all sorts of information a new Clubfoot family could ever ask for. A perfect job for Sporty and I!

I felt like it was time for Sporty to start giving back, I want to teach her (and Young Jedi) that we’re super fortunate and they’ve been exposed to the best care and resources (for each of their respective diagnoses) that we could find. We also live in a very privileged area and it was time to give back, to stop just taking but be positive contributors to society. We’ve always offered our help and guidance for new families but I wanted to do more!

When I told Sporty about our new volunteer work, she was SO excited! I thought for sure I’d get push back but for weeks she’s been asking me when we could get the packages going and we finally got all of our materials in, so today we packed our first set. I helped her for a few and then she totally took it over. She took complete ownership of it and I could tell she felt good putting these together (and if you’re a recipient reading this and you have a crooked label or wavey seal job, know that your package was packed with pure love by Sporty. She even wondered with each package if your baby was a boy or a girl, if they were bilateral like she was and what their name was going to be). Ironically, 10 years ago today (thanks Timehop) she had her first of three Clubfoot surgeries.

She even asked me to take a video of her packing (ignore me yelling at Young Jedi, he was being a turd. 🤣)

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