Journey Continues

My head is still spinning from all of this but I made a post about Salt Lake City so here’s the full story. About a week ago, after summer treatment plans fell through and after some failed follow ups on a few things, I decided Sporty deserved better care. We haven’t come this far to give up and accept subpar care! So very spontaneously I emailed Dr Fluffy Unicorn and also booked an appointment with a new doctor in California.

We were all set to fly out tomorrow and so excited to see friends we haven’t seen in 2 years. Last night I had a conversation with Dr Fluffy Unicorn about our plans and what’s going on with Sporty and he had some ideas about a possible treatment which is minimally invasive and a doctor in Salt Lake City who performs this with success. So I woke up bright and early and called the doctor and we discussed all of this, I told him we had plans to go to the Bay Area. He knows the doctor we were seeing and was going to contact him regarding x-rays to determine if she was a candidate for this procedure.

This morning I sat at the dentist with Sporty as he extracted a cracked tooth (don’t eat corn nuts!) and the doctor in California called to tell me he had to cancel our trip. So here I am floundering canceling appointments, reservations, trying to figure out how to get X-rays so that I can move forward with the doctor in Salt Lake City (did I mention he’s retiring May 1 and made an exception to take Sporty on!?!). Around lunchtime the Salt Lake City doctor calls me on accident, he was trying to contact a patient that was late and before he hung up I told him about our canceled appointment and where should I get X-rays to get to him. He says “come here tomorrow. I can see you in the afternoon. I’m sure there’s flights from Phoenix. My office will call you in 20 minutes.” So I hopped off the phone, got on the southwest app and booked flights to Salt Lake City. His office called 15 minutes later, was so incredibly easy to work with. We arrive around 11:30 there, will head to his office for imaging and then we’ll discuss if Sporty is a candidate for 8 plate guided growth procedure. And this is all very weird for me since I’m very much a planner. Booking a trip to California a week out was quick for me so turning around tomorrow and getting on a plane to Utah is very out of my comfort zone!!!

It’s all very surreal and dare I say feels very meant to be. I am so very grateful to still have Dr Fluffy Unicorn still looking out for Riley even though he’s no longer practicing.

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