12 Years of Clubfoot

And just like this post has been in draft mode for almost a month. 😳. Life.

Well I just looked back as I started this post and my last post was from world Clubfoot day in June! All of Covid and I never managed to make a post. That’s some seriously slacking. We’ve had 2 Clubfoot checkups, Sporty turned 12, been to PT, started using an ADM brace at night, and has moved on up to 14u softball (as a 12 year old!). All of this also means we’ve been treating Clubfoot for 12 years. And even though it’s been well over a decade of this, my stress and anxiety leading up to an appointment has not mellowed with time. I was particularly stressed these past few days. Last time we went for a checkup in Florida, her dr was pressing for surgery in the next 6-12 months, which would now be any time. I’ve been dreading this. Deep down in my mommy gut, I feel like surgery isn’t the answer for Sporty. I don’t know if it’s because I still only trust Dr Fluffy Unicorn, if I don’t feel like that’s the answer, if I’m afraid what it will do to softball, to her emotionally and physically. Her last surgery was really really hard on her and that was in 2nd grade. Granted this one is far less invasive but something in my mommy gut is telling me surgery is not right. I didn’t have this feeling with past surgeries.

We were fortunate that we didn’t have to travel this appointment. Her dr was willing to do a zoom appointment and dare I say it went much better than I thought. He didn’t push surgery in the same time frame. Her ADMs look to be working. I also asked about casting this summer and he agreed it’s worth a shot and also suggested intensive PT for her to see if we can get some gains. Her right foot has some good movement but her left is very stiff. We had to stop PT because insurance needed proof of medical necessity (yes, really, a child born with a birth defect of her feet might not medically need physical therapy on her feet 🤔. Which leads me to “why!?! Why does it have to be so hard to get the medical attention we need!” Ugh). But the ADMs are working! I’m beyond thrilled that we made enough progress to have the timeline extended for surgery. I’m seeking to make contact with Dr Fluffy Unicorn to see if I can get his perspective but I feel good about this appointment.

Sporty was in tears last night, she wanted to do surgery so she could stop worrying about surgery but I think today has breathed new life into her. She’s ready to get serious about her PT exercises at home. She realizes, I think she’s finally old enough, that I will never stop fighting for her feet, for her dreams, for her best possible outcome. I know we can get through this without surgery. (Definitely could use some well wishes and prayers that we can continue to improve mobility).

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