World Clubfoot Day 2020

World Clubfoot Day! The day of the year where we celebrate my 1 in 1000. Sporty asked for another video this year and I actually made two because we had creative differences (we have a lot of those now that she’s a full blown tween) when it came to song selection. Sporty chose “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten because she’s facing another potential surgery and she’s fighting like crazy to avoid it. I chose “Get Back Up Again” from the Trolls movie because no matter what curve ball is thrown at Sporty, she always gets back up again. It’s been a rough journey for her and she continues to fight each day to defy the odds that were put against her.

Sporty is still playing softball, probably more now than ever and she’s loving her new team, the Firecrackers. They’re actually making their debut in her videos this year, as for the first time ever, Sporty asked me to include pictures of her team and not just her. I had to go deep in the reserves for pictures and videos this year as our season got cut short due to COVID-19 pandemic and we’re just starting to get on the ball fields again (just in time for the Arizona summers!)

We’ve begun our trips to see Dr Dobbs in St Louis since last World Clubfoot Day. Sadly Dr Fluffy Unicorn left for a graduate program in London and has referred us to see Dr Dobbs for treatment. Sporty misses Dr Fluffy Unicorn so much and although she likes Dr Dobbs and trusts him with her feet, as she says “he’s no Dr Fluffy Unicorn but he’ll do.” I have comfort knowing that we’re seeing the best of the best for Clubfoot and she continues to get superior care. Her Achilles are still tight but we go to physical therapy weekly and Sporty is actually really good about doing her exercises at home between sessions. As a result, her dorsiflexion has improved almost 10 points on each foot (she still sleeps in her dorsiflexion brace and is due for a new one)! We got way more flexibility than I ever expected to get out of this!

So without further ado, I present World Clubfoot Day 2020 videos!

(I do not own the rights to the music)

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