We Came, We Went, We Survived

Sporty and I headed to St Louis before all of this cray coronavirus hit. I went well equipped with my ziplock baggy full of Clorox wipes and wipes everything down like a crazy lady. I will say with Sporty’s asthma, in the back of my head I am sort of nervous about her contracting the virus. But I feel super fortunate that we were able to make it out for our appointment before all of the restrictions started!

We did a quick overnight trip this time as it was her spring break and we wanted to get back for some spring training (which got rained out and then canceled!) but I’m glad we snuck in our visit. I was worried! We had a great dinner with one of my sorority sisters who directed us to Ted Drewes for dessert. Um yum!

Wednesday morning we woke up and freaked over to Dr Dobbs’s office. Sporty has been complaining of some foot pain so orthotics came in to meet with us. Turns out her AFO was too narrow and that’s what has been causing her foot pain so they stretched it out for us and gave us a script for a new one. Seriously that was our easiest Clubfoot fix EVER in our history of Clubfoot. While we waited for Dr Dobbs, Sporty sad faced me and said she missed Dr Fluffy Unicorn so we reminisced a bit about him and his whole office. Dr Dobbs came in and examined Sporty’s feet and declared she has stayed stable, which is a really really good thing because she has grown a TON in the last 6 months and growth and clubfeet are not friends! We still need to keep surgery in a couple of years in the back of our heads but it’s not urgent and it’s not something he’d consider right now. We’ve been doing PT for about a month now and he said to continue with that and we had back in about 6 months for another check. They really are so nice at Dr Dobbs, it’s amazing how personalized care is considering how many patients he has and I really feel confident that we’re doing all we need to help Sporty achieve her dream of playing college softball despite these feet she was give. Hoping for some additional mobility and looser Achilles by then!

After our appointment, we headed to the Science Museum to kill some time before our flight. We spent a few hours there and decided to go grab lunch. As we were pulling into lunch, I got an alert that our flight had been canceled so we bolted to the airport to get on an earlier flight. Made it back in time for school to be canceled for at least 2 weeks and to hunker down. I’m feeling very grateful that we got there, got checked out and made it back!

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