Time Flies

I’m so embarrassed to see that I have made zero posts since our trip to St Louis. Life has a way of passing me by! Well since our trip to St Louis, Sporty has changed softball teams. She’s now a very proud member of the Firecrackers and she’s loving every minute of it and all of her teammates. Her new team is comprised of mostly her birth year so we don’t have to worry about aging out and such and she’s getting such fantastic coaching. She’s been catching a ton (she even got new gear as an early birthday present!) and she just loves everything about her team. They recently took 2 weeks off and she’s been an excited nut job about being back with her teammates. I on the other hand am thrilled she has found her “tribe” and the families are the nicest people we’ve come across, which is awesome since we’re starting to travel out of state next month for tournaments. It will be good times, good memories and amazing experiences for Sporty. So a few outtakes from last season before we move into our 2020 season!

Sporty also finally started physical therapy so fingers crossed we get some good flexibility from the exercises. We go back to St. Louis in March so hoping for a good report as we move into summer tournaments!

2020 season starts tomorrow with a Friendly so hopefully I can get it together to post more frequently!

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