Clubfoot Mecca

Well Sporty and I returned from our trip to St Louis a few days ago. It sort of felt like we were in the Clubfoot capital of the world. 5 steps into the sky walk and we saw a baby strolling by in their brace. Then we saw little tiny casts everywhere.

So here’s the deal, our trip to Dr Dobbs did not disappoint. Our hotel was perfect, definitely no thrills but they were so nice and the hotel connects to the hospital via skywalks. We won’t be taking the metro ago (lots of weed on there and that’s saying a lot since we came from the San Francisco Area!). We found a great cab guy, who was more than happy to pick us up at 5am for our early flight.

First off, St Louis Children’s Hospital might be the only Children’s hospital that runs on tome. They took us back early, Dr Dobbs came in right on time and he had lots of patients that day. Within 3 steps he started rattling off terms of things he saw in Sporty. Then he checked her flexibility and then came the plan. The tendon transfers are working. Woohoo! All of her tightness is in her Achilles and in fact, they are pulling so tight that they are causing her knees to hyperextend. I always thought maybe her hyperextending her knees were causing the issues because she’s always hyperextended. He doesn’t feel surgery is necessary for the next couple of years and in fact recommended physical therapy.

Sporty was pretty happy, he said he even saw the stress melt away when he said no surgery. I’m not sure how we avoided no surgery. I was certain we were headed to the OR. That in of itself was worth the trip. All in all everything that Dr Dobbs said aligned with our last appointment with Dr Fluffy Unicorn. Dr Dobbs doesn’t think we’ll get much from PT (neither did Dr Fluffy Unicorn) but he felt it was worth a shot and then once she graduates from that, given her high activity level, he wants us to move to a sports trainer. So hopefully we can find a PT with Tuesday’s open because that’s our only non-sports day right now. No rest for the weary. He also suggested a modified night time AFO schedule for better compliance because I often find her AFOs off in the middle of the night so she can now do every other night with them on which she is loving.

After we had her appointment, we decided to celebrate. We walked down to Whole Foods for lunch, grabbed some yummy cookies and then visited the zoo. Seriously amazing zoo! The appointment was definitely necessary but even more so I think Sporty needed the time with me. I’ve been so focused on Young Jedi and his Asperger’s diagnosis and his struggles, I think she needed some serious mommy/daughter time.

We finished the night with pizza and San Pellegrino’s in our pj’s in bed! Sporty said if she can’t see Dr Fluffy Unicorn she likes Dr Dobbs.

We’re back the first week of March for another check-up!

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