Making Progress

Well Sporty had her 4 month post-op appointment last week, complete with x-rays and I’m thrilled to report that we are making serious progress. Her growth plates are still open and her left foot has gone from 89.7 degrees to 95.5 degrees and her right foot, which was the one that she fractured went from 86.1 to 91.2 degrees. This is awesome progress in 4 months considering we were told it could be 12-18 months before we saw progress.

You can really see in this picture the change in her heels. Before surgery they weren’t even touching the ground and post, they sit level with the ground. We hope to get to 110 degrees so that we’ve over corrected a bit.

Working on her in fielding but check out her heels on the ground! This is huge!

Sporty continues to work hard at softball and has started doing extra in fielding work with a former coach that we have been in touch with through her whole journey. We are actually so lucky to have a couple of positive female coaches in her life that have both played college ball. Sporty has not had an easy 12 months from her team breaking up a year ago, to surgery, to a broken ankle, she thought she found her dream team only to be benched due to her size. We can work on attitude, effort and mechanics but unfortunately she’s as tall as she is and we can’t do anything for that. Despite all of these speed bumps, she keeps on kicking and is working harder than ever to be the best that she can be (while getting straight As in school and also launching an Etsy bracelet business). As one former coach (also a D1 one college player said, someday when she’s an All American she can devote an entire chapter in her book to this year). Now she’s playing for her catching coach who started a club team and I’m so excited to see how her journey plays out under her guidance. Her coach was a catcher at a D1 school and has been such a positive influence to Sporty in private lessons, has unwavering faith in her (and yes, she has sent Sporty home from a bad lesson), so I’m excited to see her develop Sporty on the field too.

This year has definitely been a lesson on perseverance on both my part and Sporty’s part. Sporty continuing to work through all of these hurdles is definitely a testament to her spirit. I learned to trust my gut. I could have sent Sporty into a very invasive surgery on the other side of the country that would have taken her out of her happy place for at least 2 months but instead, I preserved and sought alternative ideas and her we are, she’s getting stronger than she’s ever been with more mobility than she’s ever had. She’s even been texting with Dr Fluffy Unicorn and she’s still committed to helping him reach his goal of being on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

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  1. sandygrad says:

    That is such great news! We are so proud of her!

    Love, AS & UM

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