img_0887Young Jedi continues to struggle. He just got denied an IEP for behavioral support. It was really , really disappointing.  He’s in a watch zone but doesn’t qaulify for services.  It makes me really angry that i want to help my child and I can’t even access all of the available resources.  I know Young Jedi can benefit from additional help but for now, it’s just going to have to be out of our pocket. He started occupational therapy about 6 weeks ago and is making some progress but I know if he could have gotten support from school it would benefit him even more.

Sleep continues to be a huge issue. His weighted blanket is only sort of working. BUT over the weekend when Poppa Bear was home, we started turning his light off after he had fallen asleep and he slept through the night with the lights out. The past three nights, he has asked me to turn them off as he falls asleep. This is beyond humongous. He hasn’t slept in a dark room since November when his anxiety flared up. Wednesday he came home and as I was letting Wookie out to go potty, Young Jedi went upstairs. By the time I came in and went up to see what he was doing, he was sound asleep and snoring away under his new dream tent, even the dog jumping on him couldn’t stir him.  I really hope this sticks.  We wet to his Doctor earlier in the week and I told him we really had to fix his sleep, it’s really impacting his relationships with everyone, friends, family, himself.  Friday we adjust some things to see if we can get him to sleep more consistently.  I really believe that his ADHD and Anxiety could be manageable if we got him rested and consistently sleeping through the night.



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