May the Fourth Be With You

Young Jedi was in heaven yesterday on Star Wars day (while I was in heaven today with margaritas and chips and guacamole, but I digress). I took away most of his Star Wars dress up and light sabers recently because of behavior. He gets in his Star Wars mode and the dark side is too much to handle. But his Kindergarten teacher loves Star Wars as much as he does and she urged me to have him go all out for May the Fourth day. So I took down his Kylo Ren outfit and his light saber and sent him to school hoping the force was with his teacher that day!

Young Jedi pretty much had the best day ever! Like it probably compared to Jedi Training Academy day. Like he was up with teeth brushed (which we usually fight over) by 7:00 am in full Kylo Ren garb. He stayed in his costume all day despite it being 85 degrees, even at recess. His teacher arranged for his old principal to come dressed as Darth Vader. Young Jedi got to have a light saber battle with his old principal and vice principal. I think this is so fantastic. I don’t think we’ll ever, ever have such interactive amazing administrators and teachers (I know I never did growing up!) as we currently do. This is the part of moving that makes me really sad. Despite getting denied his IEP, the administration knows and loves Young Jedi for who he is. I know they want what’s best for him, I really do. They and his teacher embrace his complete love for Star Wars and go with it and have fun. In return he respects them and wants to please them. His vice principal has become his safe zone this year. It is more than I could have ever asked for from a school. It’s been a rough year but know having his teacher and the administrators behind him, has made the really hard days manageable.

It’s 6:55 and he’s dressed with teeth brushed, school starts at 8:35! 🙄

Use the force! Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy (or at least the playground)!

We have been fortunate enough to have this fabulous teacher for both Sporty and Young Jedi! (And she was the one who told me to start this blog!)

An epic battle of the Dark Side!

Young Jedi battles his vice principal while his former principal looks on dressed as Darth Vader.

It was an epic day indeed! May the Fourth be with you! Until next year!

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