You Win Some, You Lose Some, That’s Life

We’re knee deep in playoffs for Sporty. She’s loving the competition, naturally. She’s formed tight bonds with her teammates. Some of the moms have told me their daughters have told them they don’t want Sporty to move and I know Sporty wants to keep playing with them, which makes me glad we chose to stay for June so that she can play on her 8U travel team (half of the summer team is on her current team).

Our first playoff game was last Thursday and it was a serious battle with some serious life lessons. The girls played 8, yes that’s 8 innings. A typical game lasts 4-5 innings so an 8 inning game is crazy long but they rallied. It was tied 4-4 until the bottom of the 8th when they gave up a run. There were some bad calls, there was some questionable coaching from the other team but our girls played their hearts out and so even though they lost and there were tears from Sporty and a few other girls, there was nothing to be ashamed of. Sporty caught 2 fly balls at 3rd base and turned one into a double play and the second into a triple play. I played many years of softball and I don’t think I ever turned a triple play or even saw one of my many teams turn a triple play!

You know a game is long when they call on Sporty to pitch. Despite the pressure of the tied game, she held her composure, even after she allowed a run to score. She of course blames herself for the loss but I tried to explain to her that there were so many other things that added up to that moment.

Her offense was on fire! Her defense was nearly flawless (aside from the toI hard throw from her pitcher position to the catcher that allowed a run to score) and her spirit was there (finally she can put her extra loud voice to use!). Sometimes the cards aren’t aligned and things don’t go as you would like despite your best efforts and you lose some. In life there will always be people who bend the rules to get to the top and you just need to rise above it all.

They went on to win their next two playoff games and tonight we play the same team from Thursday so it’s redemption time! Fingers crossed for a win, I know Sporty wants to extend the season as much as possible and continue playing with these girls.

Here are some game day highlights!

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