#worldclubfootday 2018

It’s hard to believe another year has passed. I haven’t had any updates on Sporty’s feet because we haven’t been to Dr Fluffy Unicorn since last August! So crazy! This is the longest we’ve EVER gone between appointments and I’ve been pretty calm about her feet until recently. I saw her running before school and I saw her left foot twitching in as she ran but I don’t see it at softball so I don’t know what’s going on but I’m starting to get super nervous. I know she does NOT want to start a new school in a new state in a cast or AFO so I’m hoping I’m going crazy. And I checked her soles on her sneakers and the wear is pretty even (except for some serious toe walking/running which we need to address) so hopefully I’m just a crazy momma!

Sporty is really embracing her Clubfoot these days which makes me very happy. She openly tells people about it and in fact she begged me to make her another video, she even wanted me to show her class her video but it wasn’t Clubfoot day so it wasn’t ready for release! Lol, just kidding I’m just a big procrastinating perfectionist and wanted to give it one last edit. So behold her 2018 #worldclubfootday video filled with tons of soccer and softball and Sporty being her happy, active self, living life as herself!

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